Tank - Lifting - CBF 1000A DIY

This DIY describes how to lift the tank on a 2007 CBF1000A Honda motorcycle and is applicable for 2006 to 2009 models.

Lifting the tank provides improved access to the top of the engine, e.g. for changing spark plugs, doing valve clearance check, ... etc.

Time and Tools

This is an easy DIY task. A first timer may do it in 2 hours, an experienced in 40 minutes.

Tools, spareparts and consumables needed:


1.0 Remove seats - details

2.0 Remove upper cowls and inner pannels both sides - details

3.0 Lift the tank as described below:

3.1 Unscrew the two 28 mm long 6 mm bolts with collars at the front of the tank.
Remowing bolt - click for larger image Notice collar on bolt - click for larger image

Tip: Whenever possible, leave bolts, nuts and screws in their original positions while you continue work. Then you have them in the right place for reassembly.

3.2 Hold contra on the pivot bolt at the rear end of the tank and loosen the nut (red arrow) but don't take it off. Then lift the front of the tank up - approximately 20 cm - and support it in that position using the supplied pin spanner and handle. There is a tap on the left side of the frame specifically for that purpose.
Tank lifted and supported - click for larger image Pin spanner supporting tank - click for larger image Handle is held by tap on frame - click for larger image

Installing the tank again is simply to reverse the lifting procedure.

Tip: Remember to smear the threads on bolts and screws with copper grease before you remount them. Then you will have an easy task, next time you have to disassemble.

Tip: This would be a very good time to make sure (as a preventative measure) that the earthing points are clear of rust and have a bit of Vaseline or similar smeared over them. Also a good time to clean everything below the tank and possibly spray some 'ACF50' (an anti rust fluid) over all the framework under the tank and on the cowlings fixings.


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